Koh Rong Island Activities and Attractions

Koh Rong Island Activities and Attractions
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Koh Rong Island Activities and Attractions

The very best tourist attractions in Koh Rong consist of sensational natural sights and interesting manmade facilities.

Enjoy the many beaches, the lovely seas, and the virgin rain forests of the uneven interior in a number of interesting ways.

The fact that the island is mostly unspoiled and undeveloped contributes to its allure.

The majority of the manmade choices are just responses to the fun-loving nature of the sorts of people attracted to such a lovely location.

Here are the important things you must understand before taking a trip to this gorgeous location:

  • What are The Best Things to Do in Koh Rong?
  • Construct Marvelous Mood at Koh Rong Island
  • How to Get to Koh Rong?
  • Obtaining Cash in Koh Rong 

Let’s jump in now!

What are The Best Things to Do in Koh Rong?


Chill on the Beach

People come to Koh Rong primarily to relax on a tropical beach.

There are no less than 23 beaches on the primary island alone, with numerous more on Koh Rong Sanloem and the other close-by islands. 

The islands are all largely undeveloped ways that the beaches are mainly unspoilt, with soft white sand, clear blue seas, and nearby trees.


Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Being underwater isn’t for everybody. Those who still want to enjoy the spectacular seas around Koh Rong can explore the area in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

You can explore with a little self-reliance and see some truly cool and stunning sights, such as remote waterfalls and islands, that are readily available for rental by the day or the hour (approximately US$ 12 or US$ 5 respectively).

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Take a Boat Trip

If you desire to check out the islands, do not only just decide to do the paddling yourself. Boat trips are great for you.

They’re offered from the main tourist centres on Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. They can take you around the very best of the sights, which are unattainable from land and a very long way by kayak. You can also organize a trip with a local fisherman and attempt your hand at fishing.



There are some outstanding dive sites around Koh Rong, notably around Koh Rong Sanloem, and there are many reputable dive shops on both islands.

The conditions are ideal for beginners and those taking their first PADI training courses, with very clear and calm water. The popular Koh Rong dive sites feature a large selection of colorful fish and corals, consisting of sea turtles, stingrays, parrotfish, and nudibranchs.


Peak Adventure Park

Peak adventure park lets you check out the beautiful natural jungle of Koh Rong with a zip line adventure through the canopy.

Peak offers a 400-metre course consisting of 25 platforms in the jungle canopy, beginning just a short walk from Koh Tui Village and completing with an interesting 130-metre line.


Mountain Cycling

Mountain biking is a quicker and more exciting alternative to traveling. 

The clear paths between beaches and destinations on Koh Rong and particularly on Koh Rong Sanloem make it an excellent location for cycling adventures.

Mountain bikes can be hired from numerous resorts and offer the very best mix of speed, benefit, and price of any of the ways to get around the islands. Plus, it’s great for your health and lets you explore the gorgeous interiors of these unaffected isles.

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Night Swimming in Bioluminescent Plankton

Despite being far from civilization’s lights, the faint blue radiance of bioluminescent plankton makes a few of the beaches of Koh Rong shimmer on moonless nights. 

Rather, a creepy, heavenly impact is a truly spectacular natural sight and typically just offered in very remote parts of the world.

They’re only noticeable on dark, moonless nights on any beach away from Koh Tui Village, but particularly on Long Set Beach. 

While the plankton itself is not harmful, swimming in the sea in the evening can be, as lots of dangerous animals come out to hunt.


Participate in a Beach Clean Up

Volunteering programs are an excellent way to give something back to the stunning island destination of Koh Rong during your stay. 

There are short- and long-term offering options, from assisting with beach clean-ups to doing some manual work around the local towns to mentor conversational English. These can be organized through Friends of Koh Rong.

In the Village of Daem Thkov, a fishing village frequently searches for volunteers to help run their guesthouse, restaurant, and bar. However, they ask for a minimum dedication of 2 months in return for free accommodation, meals, beverages, Khmer lessons, and a discount rate diving.


Full Moon Party – Koh Rong Island

Thailand is no longer the only destination for Full Moon Parties, and some would assert that Full Moon Party in Koh Rong is the best kept private in South East Asia.

Unlike other tourist destinations’ overcrowded and expensive Full Moon celebrations, the Full Moon Party on Koh Rong is the ideal place to get awkward with new friends while still being able to evaluate as paradise.

Found in the idyllic beach cove of Police Beach, you can anticipate equipped sound systems with killer DJ’s playing house, techno, and EDM, together with fire spinners and jugglers to keep you enchanted. 

There’s food to keep your energy going, beverages flowing to keep your spirits high, and fairly priced tickets for sale at the “door”.


Construct Marvelous Mood at Koh Rong Island

Eat Local

Supporting local household dining establishments on the island not just feels good, however damn, it tastes excellent, too.

You’ll find a handful of fresh shake stands lining the Beach, especially near Koh Toch town, that offers every smoothie combination you might ever dream possible. These stands are also great places to get your daily dose of fresh fruit.

For lunch- it’s everything about Chai Family Guest House. Located on the smaller pier beside the primary pier, this mom-and-pop restaurant on the water has a few of the most incredible chicken noodle soup you’ve ever tasted. For around $1, you can fill your tummy with fresh active ingredients prepared by one of the original families on the island.


Visit Long Set/4k Beach

Stroll to the back of Koh Toch beach, through a flat jungle trail past some tall tree, houses, bungalows, and you’ll have reached Long Set Beach. 

This is the untouched paradise you’ve been looking for, also known as 4k Beach. Bright white sand with blue-green water and overhanging coconut trees. This Beach is similar to every tropical postcard you’ve ever seen.


Get Romantic at Sky Bar

The most remarkable bird’s eye views can be seen from Sky Bar, perhaps the most romantic bar on the island.

Post up and watch the boat jet in and out of the piers, take in views of the islands in the distance, and get away from the heat with a good treetop breeze.

During the night, pop a bottle of red wine and order their wonderful seafood menu as you cuddle up on some flooring pillows with mellow music in the background. 

Sky Bar certainly provides you with a change of pace from that backpacker vibe and enables you and your sweetheart to get a bit more intimate.

If you want that romantic private time, you’re going to need to work for it. You’ll be confronted with a vexing hike up a few high stairs, but I guarantee the views deserve it.


Join the Pub Crawl

The fastest way to make good friends, get acquainted with the island, and settle into a good buzz is to sign up with the well-known Koh Rong pub crawl. 

Every Tuesday and Friday from 8 pm to 2 am, you’ll take a venture from one side of the Beach to the other. You can stop at 8 of the very best bars on the island, where you’ll get a complimentary shot, play some drinking games, and let the island vibes take control of.

For only $7, you get a Koh Rong tank top as well as all beverages.

Again, this is a fantastic concept for solo tourists. 

You’re sure to have actually made some new friends by the 2nd bar, and now you’ve got your team for the week.


Police Beach Parties

Clear your schedules for Wednesday through Saturday and head to Police Beach, where all-night beach parties continue until the sun comes up. DJ’s, fire spinners, food, beverages- the entire scene is on point.

Intend to spend the day on Police Beach bathing, playing in the water, or joining a volleyball match if you want. The Beach will soon fill with a friendly crowd, and now, the party has come to you.

There are no boats required; simply follow the well-trodden path past Green Ocean Guest House into the jungle, and you’ll emerge at Police Beach on the other side.

Note: Koh Rong is as safe as many of the other best areas on the planet, so nobody needs to worry excessively about traveling there. The something that can be a problem in Koh Rong is theft, but as many people understand, theft can be experienced everywhere.


How to Get to Koh Rong?

You can take one of five modern ferry companies to get from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong, or from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Samloem:  Island Speed Boat Cambodia, Speed Ferry Cambodia, Buva Sea, Angkor Speed Ferry, and GTVC.

The five services provide modern speed boats outfitted with comfortable chairs, life jackets, and the option to purchase food and drink on board.

Not all of the ferries are equipped with air-conditioning, but once the boats are triggered, there are strong cool breeze blows through the sitting areas, which more than a compensate.

All five services will charge approximately $25 return, though prices can vary depending on the season, special offers, etc. 

If you are the first stop, it will take approximately 40 minutes to get to your destination. It may take 1 hour or so if the boat initially stops somewhere else.

Likewise, a couple of $5-$ 10 Slow Boat services take 1.5 – 2.5 hours. These services are not professionally managed and are not recommended.


Phone and Internet at Koh Rong Cambodia

Depending on your provider, phone reception on the island can be nonexistent or spotty.

WiFi is readily available at many of the guesthouses. However, bandwidth is restricted, and the connection can be down for hours at a time.

If you need a phone or internet while on Koh Rong, get a Metfone or Smart SIM card before you arrive.

You can even get a 4G connection with Smart Sim Card, and you can use your phone to create a hotspot for any of your other devices.


Veterinary Care

Many Koh Rong expats head to Sihanoukville for veterinary care. But there are a few fundamental services on the island through the Pups in Paradise organization. Rabies vaccinations are offered and treatment for worms, mange, fleas, ticks, and other typical conditions.

Furthermore, the Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS) brings qualified veterinarians to Koh Rong every three months or so, providing a large range of services and surgeries. 

They have open assessment hours for simple things like vaccinations, but you must make a visit beforehand for anything more complicated.

They provide free services for beach pets; however, prices for family pets can be high (vaccinations $20 to $30, feline spaying/neutering $90/$40, and pet spaying/neutering $120/$90).

However, the care you receive is of high quality and provided by appropriately qualified veterinarians (and you won’t have to travel to Sihanoukville).

Akareach Animals Clinic, a vet in Sihanoukville, wants to come to the island for emergencies.


Obtaining Cash in Koh Rong 

There’s no ATM In Koh Rong!

Although there is no ATM as such, you can still squander at any of the three Eftpos terminals on Koh Touch (the main tourist area on Koh Rong Island). There is an EFTPOS terminal at Green Ocean Guesthouse, White Rose Guesthouse, and Koh Lanta.


Another Alternative to Send Money to Koh Rong & Pick It Up Locally

You can also use your ATM card (debit/credit) or bank details to securely send yourself funds online.

It can be done through a trustworthy International cash transfer service and pick up the money within minutes at Wing Xpress, a local authorized representative opposite the speed ferry pier, next to Coco Boutique Resort in Koh Touch.

For the transfer to go efficiently, you’ll preferably require a local SIM card, so you’re able to receive an SMS and quote mobile number when gathering your transfer.

If you do not have a local SIM, possibly ask if it’s okay to use the variety of a local who works in your lodging. Or, you can ask the office personnel at Wing Xpress if they would allow you to temporarily use their number, as the transfers are processed there anyhow.


Key Takeaways

Often described as an ‘island paradise’ by visiting tourists, Koh Rong is a popular destination for families, couples, and groups of travellers. The primary tourist beach (Koh Touch) creates a lively celebration atmosphere, with lots of hotels, restaurants, bars, and club.


Frequently Asked Questions About Koh Rong


What is the best time of year to visit Koh Rong?

The best time to visit Koh Rong Island is between the middle of November and the start of May. Throughout these months, you’ll have lovely hot days with very little cloud and low humidity. To offer you an approximation of the average temperature levels over this past year:

  • Middle of November/ December/ January/ February: Warm and dry. 25 ° C daytime
  • March/ April/ May: Hot and dry. 35 ° C daytime
  • June/ July/ August: Hot and wet. 35 ° C daytime
  • September/ October/ Early November: Wet and warm. 25 ° C daytime.


Where are the best beaches?

There are many fantastic beaches on Koh Rong. Here are three beaches that we like:


  • lonely Beach
  • 4K Beach (Long Set Beach
  • White Beach


Is there any medical centre on Koh Rong?

There is a medical centre on Koh Touch (the primary tourist area on Koh Rong Island). Please ask somebody when you are there for directions.


How do you get around Koh Rong?

Depending on your destination, you can either purchase a transfer ticket ($6) from one of the main ferryboat companies or hire a private longtail boat.

It is now possible to walk (45 minutes) from Saracen Bay to Lazy Beach and Sunset Beach via the jungle path.

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