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Mondulkiri Tours finds nature-lovers and adventure travelers the best way to experience Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. Welcome to Mondulkiri Tours. This page is a brief introduction to us and we look forward to seeing you in Cambodia!

A visit to Mondulkiri is a must

Mondulkiri has fertile valleys and forest-clad mountains set above a landscape carved by waterfalls and dotted with lakes. In Mondulkiri, natural beauty meets culture, allowing visitors to discover.

Exploring the town of Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri’s capital, is a good starting place for a variety of mini-adventures that explore the region. At the moment, it’s quite undeveloped, giving you the impression that you’re going somewhere off the main tourist path. Add to that the villages of hill tribe people, who are not influenced by mainstream tourism in the same way that they are in neighboring Thailand, and you have a region that is very appealing to the adventure traveler.

Sen Monorom is a small mountainous town in Cambodia that is surrounded by natural beauty. Sen Monorom has plenty of activities to keep you entertained for a few days.

Some have questioned whether Sen Monorom is worthwhile to visit; the true answer is that one size does not fit all. However, Sen Monorom is unquestionably worth a visit for those who enjoy nature, wildlife such as elephants, peace and quiet, mountain scenery, hiking, and minority experiences.

The Best Time To Visit Mondulkiri

The best time to visit Mondulkiri is between October and February, when the weather is not too hot and the humidity is bearable. Waterfalls will be in full flow following the rainfall, and greenery will surround you everywhere during this season. It’s a great time to go on a hike in the mountains and look for wildlife.

Mondulkiri province, like the rest of the country, has three seasons:
Rainy season: June to October (average temperature 25c)
Cool season: November to February (average temperatures below 20c)
Hot season: March-May: Temperatures ranged from 20°C to 30°C on average.

Mondulkiri Tours and Waterfall
Mondulkiri Tours
Discover the hidden gems of Mondulkiri:

Fun Things to Do and See in Sen Monorom in Mondulkiri

To discover the hidden gems of Mondulkiri, you can join us on an undiscovered route, or you can simply select one of our pre-planned itineraries. ​


1. Visit Dak Dam Waterfall

Dak Dam is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mondulkiri, located about 2 kilometers south of the Bunong village of Dak Dam and 25 kilometers southeast of Sen Monorom.
It’s a bit difficult to find because the waterfall is quite isolated, necessitating the assistance of locals.

2. See Bou Sra Waterfall

Bou Sra Waterfall is one of Cambodia’s most famous tourist attractions, located in the Pich Chenda district about 43 kilometers northeast of Mondulkiri.
The first stage of the waterfall is about 10 meters high and looks spectacular when combined with the surrounding forest.
On the day of the country’s festival, the bottom of the waterfalls can become extremely jam-packed while the walk to the waterfalls is also relatively easy.

3. Visit The Coffee Plantation

Following the name, Coffee Plantation Resort is well-known for its local coffee farm and its food, The Khmer Savory Pancake, which is highly recommended by many tourists.
At this gorgeous place, you can enjoy locally grown coffee and honey while also visiting the plantation.
The majority of visitors to this place never forget to bring one home with them.

4. Explore The Elephant Projects

There are a few eco-tourism projects that offer visitors nature and wildlife, particularly elephants.
The following elephant projects provide visitors with options:

Since 2006, the Elephant Valley Project (EVP), which is part of the Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (E.L.I.E), has been known as Cambodia’s original and premier elephant sanctuary.

Mr. Tree, a local, owns and manages the Mondulkiri Project. The project provides visitors with two tour options: one day of elephant adventure and two days of elephant and jungle trek tours.

5. Elephant Walk & Jungle Trekking

This is a new creative tour that replaces Elephant Riding Trek with Elephant Walk and Jungle Trek. You’ll walk with the Elephant through the forest, along rivers, and past some local minority farms before stopping for lunch at the Trok River.

This incredible tour provides travelers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the day with elephants in the forest, watching them, washing them, and feeding them.

Many customers have strongly recommended Elephant Walk and Jungle Trek in the past, and it is popularly advertised on ASIA For Holiday website under the package called Family-Fun & Learning Experience.

6. Discover Seima Protected Forest

If you are a true wildlife enthusiast, then a visit to Keo Seima Protected Forest is a must.
The 3000-square-kilometer Keo Seima National Park is home to the country’s most extensive collection of mammalian wildlife. Aside from an unprecedented number of black-shanked doucs and southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbons, the park is home to an estimated 115 wild elephants, which account for roughly a quarter of Cambodia’s total population, as well as bears and cats.
The forest can be explored by hiking around it with a guide, which is an experience in and of itself.

Where to Eat in Sen Monorom?

There are a lot of choices for food in Sen Monorom, and it can be hard to decide where to eat. So I decided to write this quick guide sharing what options are available, including restaurants, street food vendors and local markets.

As a travel advisor, I am always interested in the topic of where to eat. In fact, I would go so far as saying it’s my favorite question to ask. And after a few trips to Mondulkiri, I am more excited than ever to share the best eats in Sen Monorom with you!

Where to Eat in Sen Monorom

Bunong Kitchen

Serve: Asian, healthy, soups, Cambodian

Food: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free option

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Brunch

Review: Excellent Review

Pizza Mondulkiri

Serve: Italian, Pizza, European

Food: Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Meals: Lunch, Pizza

Review: Good Review

Bamboo Cafe

Serve: Asian, Cambodian, Cafe

Food: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Brunch

Review: Good Review

The Hangout

Serve: Bar, European, Asian, Pub, Cambodian

Food: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

Review: Good Review

Hefalump Cafe

Serve: Cafe

Food: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Meal: Breakfast, Brunch

Review: Good Review

Where To Stay in Mondulkiri

Where To Stay in Mondulkiri Cambodia: World peace, good coffee, mountain air…and rock climbing?

Dive into some of the most isolated corners of Southeast Asia on a journey to one of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ve ever seen: Mondulkiri, Cambodia. Conquering an outdoor sport like rock climbing is easy when you’re tackling its challenges alongside friendly, welcoming people. Let Mondulkiri Tours take you there.

Where To Stay in Mondulkiri

1. Mayura Hill Resort

Mayura Hill is a lovely place to stay for those on a budget, setting the standard for upscale accommodation in Mondulkiri. The 11 villa rooms are tastefully appointed with woods and silks, and the family villa includes a bunk for the kids.

A swimming pool and a five-a-side football pitch are among the amenities! The restaurant is the most upscale in town.

Contact us to get a better offer.

2. Nature Lodge

30 solid timber bungalows with private patios, hot showers, and mosquito nets are spread across a windswept hilltop near town.

Swiss Family Robinson–style chalets with sunken beds and anterooms are among them.

The stunning restaurant has cozy corners, a pool table, and an amazing bar where guests can relax and share travel stories.

Contact us to get a better offer.

3. Ayana Kandara Boutique Hotel

It is located close to the Kep National Park and in an exceptional natural environment. Françoise and Patrick, the owners, will warmly welcome you.

With 19 rooms in total, relax and enjoy your stay in one of the bungalows or superior rooms with choices of the garden view, swimming pool view or mountain view.

Contact us to get a better offer.

4. Green House Guesthouse

There are a variety of rooms available, ranging from singles with cold water and a fan to a two-bedroom family suite with air conditioning and hot water.

Request a room with a balcony overlooking the lush ravine out back.

Contact us to get a better offer.

5. Tree Lodge

At the back of the reception, sixteen bungalows of varying shapes and sizes cascade down a hillside.

The rooms have balconies and attractive open-air bathrooms, but no shelf space or furniture other than a bed. Relax in the restaurant, which has hammocks and delicious Khmer food.

The loving family in charge is friendly and helpful.

How to Get to Mondulkiri?

The Best Way to Get to Mondulkiri

Traveling to Sen Monorom while on vacation in Cambodia has become much easier now that the road has been renovated. There are bus, minivan, private taxi, shared taxi, and car rental services available.

Several bus companies now run routes to Mondulkiri from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampong Cham, making it easier than ever to get there by bus.

Sorya Bus, Virak Buntham, and Express Minibus are those among other transportation companies that operate to Mondulkiri and charge between $8 and $13 per person.

A private transport taxi is also one of the best options for travelers looking for a little more comfort and less hustle and bustle.

By ASIA For Holiday

To avoid all hectics while travelling on your Holiday, we recommend you let the ASIA For Holiday team arrange your transportation throughout your tour. We can arrange all types of the vehicle per request.

Fun Facts of Mondulkiri

It is said that Mondulkiri province is one of the most unspoiled natural areas in Cambodia. It is not only a land of hills, forests, and rivers but also a homeland to many indigenous tribal groups with their own way of life, culture, and traditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mondulkiri

How far is it from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri?

Phnom Penh and Mondulkiri are 266 kilometers apart. The driving distance is 359.8 kilometers.

The road from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri is in good condition, and the journey will take approximately 6-7 hours.

What is Mondulkiri known for?

Mondulkiri is known for its forested hills, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery reminiscent of New Zealand in Cambodia, and it is home to only one tribe, the Bunong.

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