Best Places for Honeymoon Tour in Cambodia

Best Places for Honeymoon Tour in Cambodia
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Romantic Cambodia Honeymoon Destinations

Where do you go if you love the beach, yet you want to experience a special culture?

Do you wish to sense like if you are in an unexplored area but also want to feel covered in luxury?

And if you’re seeking extraordinary food in addition to a sense of history, experience, and surprise, where should you go?

All-in-one option: Cambodia.

Cambodia functions as a fantastic choice for romantic trips as it houses a few fantastic beaches, captivating towns, concealed temple treasures, jungles and rich culture.

Here, a handful of engaging reasons to think about Cambodia filled with infectiously smiling faces for your romantic trip of a lifetime.

  • Cambodia Ideal Weather Condition for Honeymoon Tour
  • Cambodia Offers Best Places for Honeymoon Tour
  • Siem Reap – luxury honeymoon destination
  • Cambodian Island Honeymoon
  • Kep – a worthwhile destination for your Cambodian honeymoon trip
  • Do not skip Angkor Wat from your Cambodian honeymoon itineraries
  • Sihanoukville – beach for an unforgettable honeymoon
  • Koh Kong – ideal honeymoon destination
  • Mondulkiri – Honeymoon Place with Nature in Cambodia
  • Excellent Food Leads Great Honeymoon Trip
  • Average Budget For Cambodia Honeymoon


Let’s jump in now!


Cambodia Ideal Weather Condition for Honeymoon Tour

The longer you stay in Cambodia, the better your experience will be.

Even if you invest a couple of weeks, that won’t feel enough; the perfect period for an ideal Cambodia honeymoon would be 7 days.

Tourists can likewise reserve a personalized 7 days and 6 nights Cambodia honeymoon bundle which would lead them to delight in the true essence of this captivating destination.

The cool season between November and February has the very best weather condition in Cambodia, with especially perfect weather conditions between December and January.

This is the best time to go to Cambodia weather-wise. However, the downside comes from the big mobs of tourists. At this time, the average temperatures are between 21-30 ℃.

Cambodia Offers Best Places for Honeymoon Tour

Siem Reap - luxury honeymoon destination

Siem Reap consists of an array of high-end resorts, with the relatively recent addition of Jaya House Riverpark, which is exceptional than any others.

Moreover, Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap’s main attraction, is full of romantic moments.

To get an incredible bird’s eye view of the park, the couples can take pleasure in a hot air balloon or helicopter.

This park is vital beyond belief, which is worth every second you invest.

It will be a fantastic idea to spend a few hours catching the spectacular image of sunrise together.

That will be a lasting memory from your Cambodian honeymoon.

Kep - an amazing destination for your Cambodian honeymoon trip

The quaint coastal town booked for Cambodia’s upper strata and is spread with once-decadent vacation homes dating back to a bygone era is known as the smallest province in Cambodia.

The town is restoring its track record as Kep-sur-Mer and boasts a growing collection of high-end shop resorts, restaurants, and house to crab and Kampot pepper – a famous dish worldwide.

Knai Bang Chatt is a lovely boutique resort with an infinity pool, seaside location, special access to neighbouring Sailing Cub, where you can enjoy a cup of sunset cocktail.

Do not skip Angkor Wat from your Cambodian honeymoon itineraries

Do not skip Angkor Wat from your Cambodian honeymoon itineraries

Besides the popular temple mountain and the later plan of concentric galleries, the couples cannot miss the dawn and sunset.

The sunset here is very magnificent because of facing to the west.

Hand in hand, a “couple” stands at Phnom Bakheng or the Terrace of Srah Srang with the sun over the forest, notices the surface of the lake with the intense colours, witnesses the temple’s reflection and the cloud into the water are wonderful.

For the best landscapes, you ought to go to Angkor Wat from 5 a.m for dawn; and 5 p.m; if you wish to witness the sunset. In addition, take a tuk-tuk and sightseeing around is also romantic.

Sihanoukville - beach for an unforgettable honeymoon

Sihanoukville beaches – Cambodia’s Maldives – owe several days in your honeymoon itinerary.

Otres Beach and Independence Beach are highly suggested for couples.

Wat Leu temple, Kbal Chhay Waterfall, Starfish Bakery and Café, and the Golden Lions Roundabout are just a few of the attractions in Sihanoukville.

Cambodian Island Honeymoon

Immerse yourself into soft powder-white sands, elegant palms, lapping turquoise waters, and you’re onto a honeymoon winner.

Nowadays, separated romantic spots abound, while many of the spread islands of Cambodia are still undeveloped.

The area around Koh Rong Samleom is a fantastic location for memorable honeymoon experiences.

Even if you would like a glamorous spot, check yourself into Song Saa Private Island with picturesque island resorts.

At the end of your couple holiday, see Six Senses Krabey Island for the ultimate lazy, attractive and beach retreat.

Koh Kong - ideal honeymoon destination

Cover your time with primaeval forests, rare orchids, fragrant frangipani and Koh Kong’s tropical plants and animals; this can be your perfect honeymoon destination.

If you wish to explore this trendy Cambodian side, examining yourself into 4 Rivers Floating Lodge provides a splendid tentacled path neglecting the Cardamom Mountains, the best method to get wed life with cement.

Mondulkiri - Honeymoon Place with Nature in Cambodia

If you anticipate a honeymoon melting into nature, getting on well with the wildlife, exploring wonderful things offered by the creator, you cannot disregard Mondulkiri.

Instead of remaining in a luxury hotel, coming down and filthy with nature in this mountainous is far more amazing.

Get up early in the morning and enjoy a couple of cups of coffee to welcome the dawn, or waiting for the sunset decreasing on the endless yard hillside, will be satisfying.

Excellent Food Leads Great Honeymoon Trip

Cambodian food might be lesser recognized than the world-renowned meals of neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam, but it’s just as delicious.

Cambodian food is – and must be – a part of your general experience when visiting the country.

A typical Cambodian meal would usually consist of soup, a salad, a main fish dish, vegetables and rice. A Cambodian dessert, normally based on fresh fruits and sticky rice, complement the meal.

Average Budget For Cambodia Honeymoon

The highlights like lodging, transfers, food, sightseeing, shopping, and various costs have been considered to determine an estimated budget for the Cambodia honeymoon.

A trip to Cambodia for one week typically costs around $250 for one person. A journey to Cambodia for 2 individuals costs around $500 for one week.

Your daily budget will also decrease if you travel slower over a longer period of time.

Two individuals travelling together for one month in Cambodia can often have a lower daily budget plan per person than one person taking a trip alone for one week.


Cambodia is the best destination if you want a honeymoon that blends the quintessential fly and flop with some culture and history.

It is incorrect when misunderstanding Cambodia not a wonderful concept for honeymoon places.

The tropical island, the large landscape, beautiful destinations, and cost-effective luxury make your Cambodia honeymoon package unbelievable and completely incredible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places for Honeymoon Tour In Cambodia

Is Cambodia good for a honeymoon trip?

Cambodia’s tropical islands and scenic landscapes make it among the leading places for commemorating your honeymoon.

What is best in Cambodia?

Cambodia is well known for its natural beauty, tasty regional food and heritage sites.

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