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Tourist Attractions in Koh Kong

Koh Kong is Cambodia's most southwestern province

It is one of the greatest provinces in the entire country with many attractive spots, undeveloped shorelines, and a mountainous, mostly inaccessible, and forested interior, which accepts part of the Cardamom Mountains, the biggest meaningful jungle of Southeast Asia.

Koh Kong is Cambodia's most southwestern province
Koh Kong is Cambodia's most southwestern province 1

Koh Kong Tourist Attractions

Its tourist destinations consist of Casinos on the border to Thailand, abundant wildlife, huge waterfalls, an Export Processing Zone, and new port centers for worldwide trade.

Notable Places to Visit in Koh Kong

Dong Tong Market

Stashed towards the southern end of the street to the west of Street 3 (towards the river), where it intersects with Street 2, Dong Tong Market deserves a trip. 

It is the best place for you if you’re searching for anything from snacks, fresh fruit, a bowl of noodle soups. 

Koh Yor Beach

The riverside is all effective, but if you’re yearning for sand, sea, and sun, then you might either travel out to Koh Kong Island or, much more easily, get on a moto over to Koh Yor beach on the other side of the Thai Bridge.

Chi Phat Koh Kong

Chi Phat is the region’s largest tract of rain forest on mainland Southeast Asia, located directly in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains.

It consists of mountains, mangroves, and lowland swamps on the one hand and numerous cultural artifacts such as wooden coffins and burial jars.

Tourists can walk through the forest trails and satisfy friendly and warm village individuals.

Tatai River and Waterfall

The Tatai River meanders through the Cardamom Mountains, for the most part with a gentle circulation that belies its 20-meter depth, and in some places with a thunderous holler as the riverbed slopes to form cascading waterfalls.


Seven or eight kilometers beyond Koh Kong city is a massive mangrove forest where visitors can observe the fragile environment that residents (and most likely the NGOs) have actually developed into a thriving eco-tourism project.

Koh Kong Wonders & Excursions at Koh Kong Island

Koh Kong Island is a lovely day-trip to make from the town where you can be left in magnificent isolation to romp on squeaky sands, basically all to yourself.

Cardamom Mountains and Trekking

The Cardamom Mountains are a huge range that extends from Koh Kong province, where it borders Thailand as much as Pursat in main Cambodia and across to the Damrei Mountains, near the border with Vietnam.

Scuba & Snorkelling at Octopus Garden Diving Center

You’ll find their little sanctuary positioned on the Island of Koh Sdach, far away from the primary tourist tracks and near some of the Kingdom’s covert dive gems.

Accommodation in Koh Kong

Many travelers come to stick with Koh Kong boutique & hotels as couples trips, family vacations, and honeymoon perfections in Koh Kong Beach Break.

Koh Moul Resort

Koh Moul includes 6 beautiful beaches, called Deum Dong Beach 1 to 6, that vary from 3,000 to 5,000 meters long. All have stunning white sand and limpid water. 

The water surrounding the island is full of black and white dolphins. They will appear along the beach from 9 to 10:30 in the morning and 5 to 7:30 at night. 


Where to Stay in Koh Kong

Cham Yeam Resort

Cham Yeam Resort is located in Mondul Seima district, about 10 kilometers northwest of Koh Kong provincial town, near the Cambodian-Thai worldwide border. The best place to relax in the serenity!

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

A gorgeous environment-friendly area, they offer breathtaking views of the lavish Cardamom mountains. Simply 10 minutes boat ride from Tatai Village. This location is waiting to be explored.

Including beautiful luxury tents, which face the river on one side and the picturesque mountains on the other, this splendid Heaven deserves the visit. 

Koh Kong Resort

Neglecting the amazing view of the peace and tranquil fresh ocean breeze, Koh Kong Resort offers great services, modern features, and a wide range of remarkable accommodations.

Apex Koh Kong Resort

Apex Koh Kong is appropriately located at the heart of Koh Kong Businesses & commercials district with quick & simple access to the market and beach.

Where to Eat in Koh Kong

For a town of its small size and relative serenity, Koh Kong has an unexpected variety of options for the hungry and thirsty.

Overall, the quality is quite affordable, with some stand apart.

And here is the list of the best places we recommend:

  • Seta Ice Cream Restaurant
  • Coffee shop Laurent
  • Crab Shack
  • Thmorda Crab House
  • Fat Sam

It's time to go!

Make sure that you put this Cambodia’s greenest and most environment-friendly spot into your itinerary. With its town being small but surrounded by Asia’s biggest expanse of mangroves, lovely islands, and mountains, you are guaranteed to be impressed.

Fun Facts of Koh Kong

The greatest things to do in Siem Reap reveal that there’s more to this charming town besides visiting the renowned Angkor Wat temple ruins.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Koh Kong

What are the most enjoyable outdoor activities in Koh Kong?

  • Tatai Waterfall
  • Cardamom Mountains
  • Koh Kong SafariWorld
  • Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary


Where can I find a hotel in the heart of Koh Kong Island?

After you release a hotel search on KAYAK, you can refine your research by the community, which permits you to select the central Koh Kong Island districts. Likewise, you can search using the city map to select a particular area, like Koh Kong Island city.

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