Cambodia Best Islands for Your Next Vacation

Cambodia Best Islands for Your Next Vacation
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You want to find out where to go for a beach break on Cambodia’s beaches?

While you may have currently heard a lot about Thailand beaches and islands, Cambodia ones are a little less-known and still, not less gorgeous.

Cambodia has dozens of beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand, off the southern coast of the country. They may take a bit more of an effort to reach, but the benefit is pristine and less congested beaches.

Ready to take the plunge but unsure what to expect from a Cambodia tour to its stunning beaches?

Come with us now …!

Koh Rong Island

The Best Cambodian Party Island

Not too long ago, Koh Rong’s only tourist features were a handful of cottages beside miles of thick jungle and stunning white-sand beaches.

It’s still possible to discover solitude on a few of the more remote parts of the island, but in the last couple of years, dozens of cheap lodgings have been developed, and the location has ended up being an earthly backpacker paradise.

Koh Rong Samloem Island

A Cambodian Relaxation Spot

Koh Rong Sanloem is Koh Rong’s slightly more chilled-out sibling island.

There are more than a dozen resorts on Saracen Bay, a heart-shaped inlet with calm blue-green surf and the famous Koh Rong lovely white sand beaches that run the gamut from easy wood cottages to luxury air-conditioned vacation homes.

Koh Thmei

Beach Paradise in Cambodia

Located inside Ream National Park, Koh Thmei is home to monkeys, civets, lizards, more than 100 different types of birds, and numerous threatened types, including the fishing feline, a wetland feline that makes its home near streams and mangrove forests.

The island has only one location to stay in, Koh Thmei Resort, and the term “resort” is used loosely: It’s little more than 7 simple wooden cottages; however, it’s eco-friendly and solar-powered.

Song Saa Island

Cambodia's Finest Relaxation With No Wallet, No Worries, and No Shoes

The label of these two small private islands suggests “sweeties” in Khmer.

It would be a super cool moment, with villa prices at the Song Saa Resort running as high as $3,000 per night.

The 24-villa resort, simply off the coast of Koh Rong, uses Cambodia’s majority of special island experience, start with the bottle of Champagne awaiting you at check-in.

Koh Ta Kiev Island

The Best Cambodian Island for Lying Lazily all the time in a Hammock

Koh Ta Kiev has a few rustic eco-resorts and not much else. But what it lacks in amenities, it is more than makeup for its charm.

Days on the island are filled with beachcombing, jungle strolls, and snorkeling.

Koh Totang

The Best Cambodian Island for Getting Back to Nature

The sensational island has just one location to stay in, Nomads Land, which has only five bungalows.

Visitors will be required to take a much-needed break from email since there’s no Internet on Koh Totang.

However, considering that the cottages are solar energy, they don’t have any loud generators either.

Koh Tang Island

Great Choice to Unplug in the Cambodian Way?

It’s now unoccupied save for a small station of Cambodian military personnel, resulting in clear coastal waters with outstanding visibility and undisturbed marine life, making it and close-by Koh Prins the best islands for diving.

The island’s eight popular diving sites offer reefs and a wealth of undersea animals, consisting of remarkably colored nudibranchs, poisonous pufferfish, and amazing stingrays with electrical blue spots.

Koh Seh

The Best Cambodia Island for a Wild and Energetic Summer

Tourists can have an incredible day simply by sitting out in the sun, looking out over the exceptional lovely blue water.

It is the very essence of tranquility!

If you seek to be a little more daring, there are a plethora of water activities available on Koh Seh.

Koh Russei​

Koh Russei

The Best Island for Relaxing and Partying on the Beaches

There is fantastic fishing, swimming, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and even surfing that you could do around the island.

The tourists can just delight in a good warm day with rays warming your body with breezy summer winds.

The beaches here on this gorgeous island are made just for that.


Here in Cambodia, the vibe is completely different – a fresh, charming vitamin SEA for all tourists to ease off busy work and stressful social life.

Whether you want an island all for yourself so you can sleep happily on a hammock all the time or elegant party nights with dances and beverages– Cambodia has an island for your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cambodia Islands

Is Koh Rong worth visiting?

Long Beach is no doubt among the very best beaches in Southeast Asia.

Koh Rong might be touristy, yet in no other way is it overrun by tourists.

Is Thailand less expensive than Cambodia?

Cambodia is more affordable than Thailand, consisting of food, lodging, and transportation.

Keep in mind that all of this comes at a cost.

Thailand is a lot more developed, particularly in the significant cities. Thailand can be cheap too, once you enter into the less popular cities.

Which is much better, Koh Rong or Koh Rong samloem?

The quality of food on both islands is all right, but nothing too expensive.

Since Koh Rong has fewer choices, Koh Rong Samloem is the winner here.

On Koh Rong Samloem you have nice beaches with more bars, bungalows and dining establishments.

This suggests that you have more alternatives for consuming and drinks and likewise meeting with people.

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