Is Cambodia safe for tourists?

Is Cambodia safe for tourists
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Is Cambodia safe for tourists?

Cambodia is a unique Nation in Southeast Asia with a population of over 15 million people.

Cambodia has an area of 181,035 square miles and is bordered by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The nation’s capital city is Phnom Penh.

Tourists are always welcome to visit Cambodia.

There are plenty of reasons for you to consider visiting Cambodian, including beautiful beaches, ancient temples, exotic cuisine with spices galore!

Cambodia is a country that has been through many hardships, but it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

The people are helpful, warm, and welcoming, and there are so many things to do for tourists.

It’s also relatively cheap to travel here, so it doesn’t cost much to get around and explore!

There are few safety precautions you should consider and keep in mind when travelling in Cambodia.

For example:
wearing shoes at all times because there will be dirt on the ground from recent rainfalls.

But other than that, this is a safe country with lots of beautiful sights to see!

Join me on my journey through Cambodia as I document what I learn about this country.


Let’s dive into more details now!


Thanks to exceptional sites such as Angkor Wat, Ko Rong and the Mekong Pink Dolphins, Cambodia is firmly on the backpacking road across Southeast Asia.

It is also popular as most trips are without issue.

If you’re sensitive, Cambodia is a truly safe place.

Keep your wits around you as anyplace else in the globe. You will easily find yourself in trouble if you become drunk or start a struggle, or refuse to pay a tuk-tuk driver.


In addition, lone travellers may discover Cambodia with complete tranquillity.


Female tourists may be sure that there is little harassment and that foreigners around the nation are typically respected.


Is Cambodia safe for tourists


Is Cambodia safe for solo female travellers?


Cambodia’s warmth and friendliness make it an ideal destination for ladies travelling alone with its isolated islands, deep forest, and temples, as well as lively cityscapes.

As a female traveller, Cambodia is a fantastic location to start since you will feel comfortable, you can get by on a budget, and you will meet new people.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to do all of this while also learning about fascinating cultures.

Is it safe for female tourists to visit Cambodia?

For women travelling alone, Cambodia is a generally secure nation. That’s why we gave it four out of five stars. Although there have been a few instances of harassment, Cambodians typically respect foreign women.


Is Cambodia safe to travel alone?


If this is your first solo journey, Cambodia is the best choice. Plenty of back- and flash-packer lodging and location on the Southeast Asia circuit make the country an ideal option for solitary travellers.

While some still consider Cambodia as a Southeast Asian wild west where all regulations are thrown out the window, the Kingdom of Wonder ranks first in terms of safety, making friends, inexpensive lodging, and various activities.


Is Cambodia safe for tourists


The Friendliness


Cambodians have kind hearts by nature, and a grin is never far away in this nation. Locals are also curious and frequently willing to assist, plus some local people can speak good English, which helps communication become easier.

This makes exploring the nation your fun and simple experience. If you become lost, it’s not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by a mob of Cambodians eager to assist you. Likewise, if you’re perplexed or in need of assistance, someone will be around.

 This natural friendliness is one of the main reasons travellers fall in love with Cambodia, and it is also one of the characteristics that make it excellent for solo travel.


Safest Places in Cambodia


Cambodia is a beautiful country, rich in history and tradition. With so many incredible places to visit and a safe location to live, most expatriates agree. 

 Many would claim it’s safer than the larger cities.

In Cambodia, bars and nightclubs are typically extremely safe for tourists, particularly in high-traffic tourist districts.


There are safest places to travel in Cambodia: 

  1. Siem Reap
  2. Banteay Meanchey Province
  3. Preah Vihear
  4. Battambong 
  5. Kampot
  6. Kep
  7. Koh Kong
  8. Koh Rong & Koh Rong Saloem 
  9. Steung Treng Province
  10. Katie
  11. Ratanakiri Province
  12. Mondulkiri Province


Relevant Safety Tips About Traveling to Cambodia


But it’s not also the safest location in the world. Cambodia isn’t really risky. 

This doesn’t imply you can’t safely – certainly not – go throughout Cambodia. We have some travel advice for Cambodia to aid you on our journey to make sure you remain secure.

When you are in Phnom Penh

  •  Keep belongings close to you – there might be theft. Motorbike thieves might exist in a few Phnom Penh neighborhoods, so be aware.
  • In isolated locations, don’t show off like wearing fancy clothing or expensive jewellery. It may also be a thieves’ attention on you.
  • Be vigilant of pickpockets – primarily if you are walking around jammed streets in Phnom Penh. 


Dress properly – Cambodia is not ultra-conservative at all, but if you are visiting any temples, you require to be covering your knees and shoulders.

On occasions of National festivals, small micro robberies may increase.

Be cautious of other travelers and ex-pats – the rebellious reputation of Cambodia pulls in some shady characters once in a while.

Be careful who you get involved with.

Don’t lose your temper – causing a scene in Cambodia is likely to CAUSE A SCENE. Don’t let a situation get heated.

Be polite and always ask before you take pictures of ANYBODY.

Protect against mosquitoes – cover-up, never forget to bring along a repellent.

Watch out for dangerous wildlife. Stay always nearby your tour guide when walking in jungle trails.


Travel safe and smart with us in Cambodia. 


Weather safety


Cambodia has a three-season monsoon climate: wet, dry, and chilly. However, the changes in temperature are modest.

The strength and length of the rainfall vary significantly across years.

Severe storms and extensive seasonal floods can occur without notice even throughout the rainy season from July to November, with the localized flash floods.

Sometimes, because of the flooding, the Cambodia-Thailand land border is blocked.

It is ideal that you are made to use waterproof clothes and contingency money to catch a last-minute flight or stay an additional night in the name of security in particular, particularly during the wetter months.

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