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Phnom Penh Capital City

While it may be a bustling city and the nation’s capital, Phnom Penh and its sights, don’t take too long to be appropriately explored.

Phnom Penh is the charming capital city of Cambodia. Located in a virtually flat area at the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Bassac, and Mekong rivers, this fascinating and vibrant city has undeniable appeal, with its roadsides teeming with street food stalls and colorful, bustling markets.

It is full of significant cultural and historical landmarks, a few of which are enchanting, and others that are horrifying.

For those preparing a trip through Cambodia, Phnom Penh is an essential stop point and one you will not be sorry for.

Phnom Penh Capital City
So let's get into it, shall we?

The Best News You Should Know for Your Visit in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the least expensive Asian nations to visit, and although prices are beginning to creep up, the country still provides outstanding value.

Good budget accommodations are offered for around $7 in a lot of parts of the nation (slightly more in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Eating in Phnom Penh is likewise cheap. A meal at a local market or Khmer restaurant can be had for $2 and even less, while main courses in tourist dining establishments start from as low as $2 (although upscale places can cost significantly more).

A small bottle of mineral water costs simply $0.25, while draught beer normally costs $1 a glass.

Transport is likewise economical – $1 per hour of travel is sufficient as a rough general rule. However, you’ll pay a bit more on specific routes or when taking a trip with more upmarket bus companies.

Entrance charges are likewise typically modest!

How to Get Around Phnom Penh

Tuk-Tuks/PassApp/Grab – They are cheap taxis, and actually, they are all you need to utilize to navigate the city.

Taxi cabs – If you’re taking a taxi around the city or to the Killing Fields, make sure it’s metered or work out the fare upfront.

Hire a chauffeur – If you want to do a special day of sightseeing, you can rent an automobile and chauffeur for about $32 per day.

How to Get Around Phnom Penh
Some Tips for Being a Responsible Traveller

Some Tips for Being a Responsible Traveller

  • Try to support independent and local businesses whenever possible.
  • Avoid utilizing single-use plastics. Bring your own refillable water bottle and healthy smoothie cup. Silicone treat bags, portable cutlery, and a multiple-use straw set will also come in very convenient in Phnom Penh. 
  • Do not give money to kids on the street. If you see a kid whom you believe is in danger – or certainly you occur on a scenario where you believe a child is at risk of damage or abuse – report it to ChildSafe immediately.

Top Things to See and Do in Phnom Penh

  • The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda
  • Independent Monument
  • Riverside – Sisowath Quay and around
  • The National Museum of Cambodia
  • Wat Botum Park and Around
  • Toul Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Choeung Ek Genocidal Center (The Killing Field)
  • Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue
  • Food Tour
  • Wat Phnom
  • French Quarter
  • The Mekong Cruise
  • Central Market (Psar Thmei)
  • Night Market

The Very Best Time of the Year to Visit Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is warm year-round, and many people choose to visit from November to February when the temperature levels are milder and humidity isn’t too extreme.

Even then, it’s warm and beautiful – temperatures seldom go listed below 68 °F (20 °C). Rain is heaviest from September to October, but typically this simply means short blasts of rainfall in the afternoons.

The temperatures are also most popular from May to October, varying from 71 °F ( 22 °C) to as high as 100 °F( 38 °C ), especially in April and May.

The humidity throughout this time is likewise extremely high, and the days can be extremely unpleasant.

Tourism traffic is lower during this time, and the heat isn’t intolerable as long as you’re prepared.

Fun Facts of Phnom Penh

The greatest things to do in Siem Reap reveal that there’s more to this charming town besides visiting the renowned Angkor Wat temple ruins.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Phnom Penh Vacation

Is it safe to visit Phnom Penh?

Cambodia is quite safe for tourists, but like somewhere else in Southeast Asia, it does have its share of minor crime – and problems with the police. Long as you’re mindful of the issues, you’ll no doubt have a safe trip. Cambodia is becoming a progressively popular destination for travelers to Southeast Asia.


How many days to spend in Phnom Penh City?

A minimum of two and a half days is recommended for a visit to Phnom Penh. If you delight in investing a large percentage of the day relaxing in the many bars and choose to see only one site in a day, this could be extended even more. 


Where should I stay in Phnom Penh?

If you wish to see what makes Phnom Penh such a tourist location, Phnom Penh City Centre is a terrific location to base yourself. From here, you’ll quickly have the ability to get to the Royal Palace and National Museum of Cambodia. Another area to think of is Daun Penh. Prominent for the Royal Palace and National Museum of Cambodia, it’s easy to see why numerous jetsetters like it so much.

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