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Tourist Attractions in Kampot

Discover with us all the highlights of this charming province​

Kampot never gets old!

Naturally, lovely, and effortlessly captivating, you’ll slip right into a balance of easygoing days on the river and beautiful drives over red dirt roads.

Its natural beauty, relatively unspoiled by tourism, puts you on the fast track to reconnect with Mother Earth through rock climbing, river trips, and jungle expeditions.

Today, tourists can hop on a motorcycle and check out handfuls of deserted French colonial estates and churches similar to Indiana Jones-style trips.

Kampot differs from any other Cambodian city you’ll find. Do not skip this hidden gem of Cambodia city if you like natural adventure and historic discoveries.

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Let's explore Kampot tourist destination sites together!

Delight In the Architecture Clashes

Many are in peeling, cracked elegance, whilst a number of riverfront exteriors have actually gone through substantial regeneration (make sure to look at The National Bank, The Kampot Provincial Museum, and the Red Cross have been tastefully restored to their previous glory).

The Wes Anderson mood board-worthy Hotel Old Cinema, which was designed in the 1930s as the “Maison de théâtre le Grandeur” before being converted into a cinema in the 1950s, is one such example.

Unmissable with its pale-yellow art-deco exterior, today, it stands completely and consistently refurbished as a cool little boutique hotel for tourists. It’s even got a swimming pool that non-guests can spend the day for a flat fee of $6 (which can go towards the food or drink bill).

Top Attractive Places to Visit in Kampot

Kampot sits near the base of the plentiful green Elephant Mountains and the famous Bokor Hill Station. 

Numerous attractive sites have been noted for tourists to take their opportunity to experience their journey in this calm city.

Top Attractive Places to Visit in Kampot

Bokor Hill Station – Popokvil Waterfall – Bat Cave – Salt Fields – Kampot Markets – The Secret Lake – Pepper Plantations – Phnom Seda Orn – Kampong Trach – Durian Plantations – Tekchhou Resort – Phnom Daung – Kampot Handicrafts – Phnom Chhnok Cave Temple – Prek Ampil – Prek Thnout – Tek Chhu Zoo – Kep Thmey

Tip Some Additional Wonderful Activities You Will Enjoy Kampot Even More

Tip: Some Additional Wonderful Activities You Will Enjoy Kampot Even More

  • A Sunset Cruise on the Teuk Chhou River
  • Explore the Countryside
  • Have an ATV or Dirt Bike Adventure
  • KiteBoarding
  • Jungle Jet on Kampot River
  • Go Paddle Boarding
  • Take A Scenic Drive to Kep
  • Kayak on the River
  • Rock Climbing at Climbodia

Lodging in Kampot

There are a couple of outstanding backpacker hostels in the center of Kampot and choices in more secluded areas by the riverside.

All of them have dormitories along with privates – expect to pay $15 – $20 for a private double and $5-10 for a dormitory bed.

For couples, there are also some truly cool boutique guesthouses in the city center!

Monkey Republic

It is the home of the best dorm beds in Kampot, with privacy drapes, security lockers, power outlets, checking out lights, and air-con.

Kool Kampot

This place is the home of the best dormitory beds in Kampot, with privacy curtains, security lockers, power outlets, checking out lights, and air-con.

Hotel Old Cinema

This restort art-deco building is the best choice for tourist couples aiming to loosen up the bag strings a wee bit, relax for a day or 2, and stay someplace unforgettable.

How to Get to Kampot

When designing your own Cambodia itinerary, we would advise that you visit Kampot either on your way to the beautiful Koh Rong islands off the southwest coast of Cambodia or back from them and onward Phnom Penh.

Here is the choice …

Take a Bus or Shared Taxi

  • You can take a bus/taxi from Phnom Penh to Kampot.
  • Or, You can take a bus/taxi from Sihanoukville to Kampot.


Trains from Phnom Penh to Kampot take approximately 2.5 hours to reach the train station.

Boat from Kep

The Crab Shuttle leaves for Kep at 09:30 each early morning, visiting Rabbit Island before reaching Kep at 12:00. The return boat leaves Kep at 15:30, showing up back in Kampot at 18:00. Prices are $9.50 for a one-way ticket to Kep and $13.50 return.

Kampot Key Takeaways

Many visitors come here to look at the old French colonial architecture, which is still in captivating condition, to check out the near beaches or the small islands of Kep.

Kampot province is likewise renowned for the quality of its fruits (durian, coconut, mango, and so on), its sea salt, and obviously the well-known Kampot Pepper.

The rare fresh climate and soil type of Kampot, as well as the experience of many generations of pepper farmers, make this pepper one of a kind and in high demand by gourmets all over the world.

Fun Facts of Kampot

The greatest things to do in Siem Reap reveal that there’s more to this charming town besides visiting the renowned Angkor Wat temple ruins.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kampot Cambodia

Is Kampot worth checking out?

Kampot is an easy, liveable town that’s fantastic for digital wanderers. It seems like a genuine Cambodian city that doesn’t exist for tourism. However, there are a number of expats – many of them are working for the NGOs that are so common in Cambodia – so you can find good dining establishments, cool cafes, and some comforts of home to stay.

How many days do you need in Kampot?

We recommend a 3 days break in Kampot. It is the best place to enjoy your short break from the stressful and busy life.

Is Kampot safe?

Kampot is typically an extremely safe town for visitors.