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Kampot Private Tours. Looking at Kampot, Cambodia from the Phnom Bokor National Park.
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Slide right into a Relaxing Day and Witness the Beauty of an Untouched Nature in the Dreamy City with a Kampot Private Tour.

Grab and Run for Vacation - Awesome Kampot Private Tour 2021

Kampot is a sanctuary for budget travelers.

Whether you are searching for a relaxing weekend getaway or a long break from the chaos of city life, Kampot is the place to be.

Its gorgeous nature, antique French buildings, and eclectic range of dining establishments have attracted many tourists. Antiques from Cambodia’s French colonial still stand the test of time in this city.

Refurbish by diving in the cool water at Anlong Khiev Waterfall and sign up with the locals to plant the mangrove trees.

Looking for a little escape with a more private space?

Get on a boat ride to the neighboring Rabbit Island. Here, situated an ideal place to disconnect yourself from the stress!

Take pleasure in the supreme relaxation, getting a massage, or snorkeling in the clear blue water.

Check out and embrace the slow life Kampot with our Kampot Private Tour!

This post will notify you of all the surprise aspects you require to observe to complete satisfaction from Kampot Private Tour:

  • Selected Kampot Private Tour – The Local Experiences
  • Simple Fix of Kampot Itinerary – Most Attractive & Visit Places in Kampot
  • Where to Stay in Kampot
  • The Best Resort in Kampot
  • Hassle-Free with Our Kampot Tourist Map

Let’s dig deeper!

Selected Kampot Private Tour - The Local Experiences

What is it that individuals loved about this town that most visitors bypass in favor of the beaches in Sihanoukville or at the Angkor temples at Siem Reap?

Captivating Architecture

The collapsing architecture isn’t beautiful, but it is lovely – a mix of French colonial and Chinese style shop homes with fading blue and green wood shutters and peeling yellow paint.

Kampot isn’t perfect, but on most streets with pink bougainvillea blooming on trees, it feels lovely.

The Slow Life, Yet Charming

Kampot’s sleepiness becomes part of its appeal!

Traffic is minimal, and it’s easy to navigate the broad streets on motorbike, foot, or bike.

Life is slow and unhurried here, with hot afternoons for lounging in hammocks or swimming in the river.

The Kampot River

The riverside place at the foot of the Elephant Mountains is a substantial part of Kampot’s destination.

The river promenade attracts tourists and people at sunset for strolls and happy hour cocktails.

You can kayak and swim from one of the riverside guesthouses – just outside town – the closest thing to a beach in Kampot.

An Easy Place to Live

Kampot is an easy, liveable town that’s excellent for digital wanderers.

It feels like a genuine Cambodian city that doesn’t exist for tourists, but there are a variety of expats. Many of them are working for the NGOs that are so typical in Cambodia. So you can find excellent restaurants, cool cafes, and some conveniences at home.

The Surrounding Countryside

There isn’t much to do in Kampot, but there is plenty to do in the surrounding countryside.

You can explore by taking a tour or hiring a tuk-tuk; however, grabbing Kampot Private Tour would be the best choice we would suggest if you do not have much time to stay. Traveling with the local guide will allow you to discover the gem in every concealed site.

The countryside begins just a few minutes outside of town. Potholed tarmac transforms into orange dirt, and concrete houses are transformed into bamboo shacks or stilted wood huts.

It’s a territory of rice paddies and palm trees, water buffalo and white humped cows, waving children, and salt field workers.

Great Food

You can find whatever, from delicious pizza, vegetable burgers, and apple pie to street stands offering baguettes, newly squeezed sugarcane juice, sweet potato cakes, and steamed corn on the cob.

Simple Fix of Kampot Itinerary - Most Attractive & Visit Places in Kampot

At first glance, the provincial town of Kampot in southern Cambodia does not appear to be much. It’s sleepy and small, with dusty streets and vacant lots.

Yet, it’s the place that lots of tourists stay the longest in Cambodia – a couple of days turned into a week which developed into 12 days, and it was just their expiring visa that required them to leave this town they’d succumbed to.

Whether you have an interest in relaxing by the river, indulging yourself at a spa, taking in the stunning countryside landscapes on a farm tour, or want to get active in nature, Kampot has something for you. There is a seemingly unlimited list of activities to enjoy both on and off the beaten path.

Day 1: Start from Phnom Penh Capital City to Kampot, Cambodia

You can take a shared taxi or private car straight to Kampot from the Phnom Penh International Airport, which takes 2-3 hours.

You have to book at least a week in advance to prevent frustration.

Good news: You will never bother finding your taxi if you catch up with our Kampot Private Tour.

Arriving in Kampot

When you reach Kampot, you can go straight to check-in at your lodging and then head to your first local hearty meal.

Exploring Kampot’s City

You can walk around Kampot or ride your bike to see more of the city.

We advise a bicycle so you can get a feel for the area.

Rent a bicycle from any of the guesthouses along the river ($1-$2/hour).

As you wander around, you may discover some buildings with only extremely small openings and no windows, swarming with small birds. These have been developed into nesting homes for swallows in order to collect their nests, which cost Chinese medicinal bird’s nest soup.

You’ll have a great time wandering around at your leisure with no set path, but we have included some stops that you may want to take a look at.

Kampot town is small and relatively simple to browse. Cambodians are exceptionally friendly, and if you do feel lost, ask just anybody around to point you back towards the river.

  • The Fish Market on the riverside (which was built in the 1930s)
  • The Old Market
  • The Durian roundabout
  • Old Royal Cinema
  • The Salt Miners roundabout
  • The Lotus Pond
  • National Bank of Cambodia (French colonial duration)

Day 2: Time to Explore Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot Salt Farm

Salt is an essential item from Kampot, with circulation throughout Cambodia and neighbouring nations.

The Kampot salt fields lay about 20 minutes outside of Kampot town, easily en route to most pepper plantations.

The gathering season for salt production is between November and February and is the best time to observe workers cultivating the fields.

Near the salt fields, there is a small exhibition center where you can learn more about salt production and watch a short video. You can likewise purchase Kampot salt and salt flour on-site to bring home.

Kampot Pepper

Pepper in Kampot’s speciality.

The area’s rolling hills and close proximity to the sea produce the best environment to produce pepper plants. Kampot peppercorns were well-known around the world before the Khmer Rouge seized office in Cambodia in the 1970s and destroyed crop growth.

In 2016 Kampot pepper turned into one of 20 items outside the European Union to have Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Pepper Farm Tours

La Plantation provides a free tour of their farm.

The journey from the center of Kampot town to the farm takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. It is 30 minutes from the salt fields, and it will take you along red dirt roads and through villages and rice paddies.

You will pass the Secret Lake en route. A stunning artificial lake created under unfortunate scenarios during the Khmer Rouge times.

The journey over to the pepper farm is an experience and provides a glimpse into rural Cambodian life. La Plantation grows red, white, black, and green peppers, all available for purchase on its website.

Kampot Durian

Kampot is also well-known for durian, big spiky fruit with custard-like yellow flesh inside, infamously known for its powerful stinky odor.

In Kampot, there is even a massive durian statue in the middle of the main roundabout!

Durian plantations can be found about 20 minutes outside of Kampot.

Enquire with the staff at your lodging about which farms are producing and offering trips during your visit, as this depends greatly on the season.

Getting to the Farms

Tours for the salt, pepper, and durian farms can be reserved through your hotel, but it is just as simple and economical to work with a Tuk-Tuk chauffeur for the day who can bring you to breakfast then on to the farms independently.

Experts at the farms can lead the trips there and provide info.

Kayaking at the Green Cathedral

Kayaking the Green Cathedral is among Kampot finest concealed.

We are truthfully hesitant to share this tip as this is one of our ultimate favourites escapes into nature in Cambodia, especially since so few people appear to know about it!

Bring your swimwear and a modest cover and take a Tuk-Tuk to Champa Lodge, situated about 20 minutes from the city center along the river. You can rent a kayak once you arrive.

The Green Cathedral is so-called for the canopy of green that envelopes you as you kayak through the peaceful, narrow channel surrounding a small island in the river.

The route takes around 1 to 2 hours, depending on your pace. The personnel at Champa Lodge will enjoy discussing the directions with you, which are pretty straightforward because you are simply going in one direction in a loop.

We advise wearing a cover-up over your bathing suit, even with your life jacket on, as you will be passing local homes throughout the trip, and showing too much skin is taboo in Cambodia.

Laze on the River

Because Kampot is so laid back, one of the best things to do is nothing at all. If you are staying at the lodging on the river, you can take pleasure in the afternoon lazing around there or look at another guest house along the water.

Many places have dining establishments and decks with comfy seating overlooking the river, so you can delight in a treat, grab a drink, crack open a good book, and chill.

If you are in town, you might want to stop by the Natural Bungalows guest house near the new bridge, which has nice sitting areas right on the water and a beautiful sunset view.

After viewing the sunset and freshening up, you’re sure to be all set to eat again. Tonight’s supper will give you a taste of Kampot flavours and history.

Kampot Fish Market

The Kampot Fishmarket is an amazing addition to the dining establishment scene and a sign of building repair being done right in Kampot. Long-time Kampot ex-pats Jos and Hugh had the vision to breathe new life into the historic 1930s fish market building, with a gorgeous work.

Diners can enjoy the warm and welcoming ambience inside or dine neglecting the river on the big outside deck. The menu consists of freshly captured seafood prepared with local vegetables and spices.

Vegetarians and meat fans can also discover flavourful offerings with a Cambodian flare. The food and environment are an action above any other dining establishment in the city; a great place to wine, dine, impress and unwind. A roof bar is set to open quickly, which will be the best spot to delight in an astonishing Kampot sunset and tasty libations.


You can end the night with a stroll along the river or through the town.

If you want a nightcap, there is a wine bar in the area called Le Comptoir de Kampot, which is constantly fantastic for some fascinating conversation and an excellent choice of Other and french imported white wines by the glass.

They likewise have a great cheese plate, not constantly a simple find in Cambodia!

Day 3: Chill out More in Kampot, Cambodia

A Trip Up Bokor Mountain

The trip up Bokor Mountain to check out the Bokor Palace Hotel, aka “the old casino,” and the abandoned Catholic church is one of the oldest and most common things to do in Kampot Cambodia.

Most days, a misty fog rises from the cliffs, preserving both structures and supplying an eerie, post-apocalyptic movie-set feel.

Both buildings are tips of the luxurious, strange, and grim history that took place in the hotel from the time of its creation in the early 1900s. If the weather condition is clear, Bokor National Park’s views down the Cambodian coastline are stunning.

There are numerous other Kampot tourist attractions up the mountain. The locations includes the new Tansur Bokor Highland Resort and gambling establishment developed by Sokha Hotels, a 29m high statue of Lok Yeay Mao, ancient legendary heroine and Buddhist divinity, Wat Sampov Pram temple, on a cliffside overlooking the forest and ocean, the remains of King Norodom Sihanouk’s Black Palace, and a few natural waterfalls.

Kayak, Canoe, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Available at the majority of accommodation along the river, if you feel like getting active, you can rent a kayak or canoe. For an outstanding adventure that will make you feel excellent, try Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)!

SUPasia uses day-to-day classes taking you through fishing towns, pagodas, mangroves, and more. They even have a SUP Yoga class where you can do yoga while floating down the river on your board.

Discuss a workout! Another terrific reason to visit Kampot.

SUPasia concentrates on providing a cultural experience to see life on the river while having a low ecological effect. They likewise support Cambodian youth and environmental programs.

Evening Firefly Boat Cruise

Several sunset and firefly cruises are offered in Kampot, leaving along the river near the Fish Market restaurant.

We suggest reserving Captain Chim’s River Cruise. The two-hour boat cruise along the river departs around 4-5 pm and is a gorgeous method to enjoy the sunset and appreciate Kampot’s stunning natural environments.

As the name suggests, you will likewise see fireflies most times of the year!

With Kampot Private Tour, we can arrange your tour that suits your requirement the most and make it possible for you and your loved one to have a romantic moment surrounded by fireflies.

If you have some extra time, here are some other things to do in Kampot.

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

If you have a motorbike, you can take a trip about 45mins to the fascinating 7th-century cavern temple, Chhngok Cave, with a shrine dedicated to Shiva.

You can either visit the caves alone or employ a guide on-site to make it even more convenient for your private tour.

The interior is sensational with stalactites and stalagmites from flooring to ceiling. If you plan on going to neighbouring Kep, it’s also an excellent concept to stop here.

Ride The Crab Shuttle

Another option for viewing the scenery from the river is to board the Crab Shuttle, which runs regularly from Kampot to Kep.

If you are travelling light, the boat ride along the Thai Gulf is highly rated on Tripadvisor and is an excellent alternative to taking the bus to Kep.

It’s an 8-hour trip overall, with half the time travelling to Kep and back and the other half sightseeing. Lunch is also offered.

Popovic Waterfall

If waterfalls are your thing, drive the 5 kilometres to Popokvil, a two-tiered waterfall with a swimming pool in the middle.

It’s a great location to unwind for the day but can get quite crowded. A visit during the wet season is suggested, as there is very little water in the dry season.

Likewise, there is a local shop selling snacks, and there is a small entrance cost, so bring cash with you.

Where to Stay in Kampot

  • In town: The main part of Kampot town is on the eastern bank of the river. We highly recommend staying in town if you plan on eating out a lot.


Located on the opposite side of the river, the This area is still near the primary center of town; however, it’s a bit quieter. You can find some truly good riverside accommodations north of the bridge, and a few beachfront turns to the south.

  • Riverfront north: Most cottages and riverside accommodation are situated outside of town along the river’s northern part. If you’ve come to Kampot to relax, kayak or swim, then this is the location to stay.
  • Tuek Chhou & Trapeang Sangkae: These satellite towns are located east of Kampot center. Nestled among the rice fields and salt pans, it’s a serene part of town that still feels fairly untouched by tourism.

The Best Resort in Kampot

Kampot has some unbelievable boutique lodgings nestled inside heritage structures and conventional Khmer wooden houses. Here is our hand-picked list of the very best.

  • Hotel Old Cinema is one of the coolest hotels in Cambodia, if not the entire area. Boutique-style rooms and a breezy swimming pool and dining establishment area are housed inside a heritage cinema home shell, which predates Kampot’s French colonial period.


  • Phka Kravan Boutique: Set on the riverside close to the center of town, Phka Kravan is a new addition to Kampot’s boutique hotel scene. Rooms have a ‘trendy cottage’ feel, with woven roofs and pushed tiles.


  • Pippali Boutique Hotel: The huge pool shaded by leafy trees is the hero of this boutique hotel. The area integrates the best of both worlds – it’s main, but still near the river. Rooms are clean and easy with a beach-resort feel (tiled floors, white walls)—a strong choice for households or couples.


  • Sre Lodge: Set amongst the rice paddies in a small commune north-east of Kampot, Sre Lodge is a sustainability-focused accommodation that aims to supply chances for the local community. 


  • Kampot River Residence: A long boardwalk stretches through the rice fields to link this property’s big, al fresco dining hall with a set of riverside vacation homes. Some come with a private veranda overlooking the river.

Hassle-Free with Our Kampot Tourist Map

Kampot Map


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