How Many Days Do You Need in Cambodia?

How Many Days Do You Need in Cambodia
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Cambodia – a beautiful land of stunning temples, beautiful waterfalls, and dense jungles – was home to the mighty Khmer Empire for over six centuries.

A protectorate of France lasted between 1863 and 1953; the nation suffered under the Khmer Rouge, a ruling party kept in mind mostly for its part in organizing the bloody Cambodian genocide of the 1970s.

There is much more to Cambodia than simply Angkor Wat – as outstanding as it may be – and there’s plenty to pack into a three-week experience in the nation.

Today’s Cambodia is a unique and amazing mix of grandeur and catastrophe. It has an excited, younger population who are intense-eyed and all set for modification.

With noticeably of the lovely islands, peaceful backwaters (where you can kayak or SUP), lush rice fields, red roads, and many of the kindest people you’ll satisfy. Cambodia will unabashedly capture your heart as it initially captured numerous tourists many years back.

Whether you’re searching for a 1 week Cambodia itinerary or to invest a full 3 weeks checking out, Cambodia can constantly suit you well!

Here, in this short post, we will offer you well-informed decision making for your next trip to Cambodia:

  • Basic Information for Your Cambodia Trip
  • Cambodia Itinerary Options
  • Places to Visit in Cambodia
  • Major Cities in Cambodia
  • Popular Cambodia Tourist Attractions
  • Perfection of Cambodia Weather
  • Supreme Code to Know Before You Go on a Trip to Cambodia
  • Transportation and Getting Around Cambodia
  • A Brief Description of a 5-Days Itinerary


Alright, now it’s time to explore Cambodia …!

Basic Information for Your Cambodia Trip

Visa requirements for Cambodia

You can gain a visa upon arrival at air or land borders. It costs $30 USD for 30 days.


Cambodia’s main currency is the Cambodian riel. In practice, the nation utilizes both US dollars and Cambodian riel. It is typical to pay for anything less than 50 USD utilizing riel (e.g., 25 cents = 1000 riel), and anything over this using US dollars is acceptable. Cash ATM will provide you with all Khmer Riel notes and with Over 50 Usd notes.

When is the Best Season to Go to Cambodia?

To avoid the extreme rain and heat in Cambodia, it’s best to visit this nation between November and April.

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