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Angkor Wat commonly describes the extraordinary and vast variety of temples, including the Angkor Archaeological Park.

The Park itself is nearly 400sq. kilometres, and with more than 45 temples, uses up to 1 week to visit in its entirety!

Siem Reap itself is rapidly rising as a sanctuary for relaxation and experiencing a renaissance in Khmer food and culture.

Discover its interesting blend of colonial and Chinese architecture, different pop-up galleries or relax in the tranquil surrounds of your luxury hotel are worth for your holiday in Cambodia.

How to get the most impressive holiday in Angkor Wat?

Discover Angkor Wat with a local guide who is well-versed in the history of this magnificent complex.

Early in the morning is the best time to visit Ta Prohm, the romantic temple half-engulfed by the encroaching jungle.

Travel to lesser-known areas, consisting of Banteay Srei and Banteay Samre, for an extensive look at the breadth of artistry and engineering of the Khmer culture.

The Secret to Getting the Best of the Best with Your Angkor Wat Tour

When taking a trip to Angkor Wat, determining how long you need to stay is critical.

There is nothing worse than to miss scheduling or prepare less time for a destination.

At Angkor Wat, this can be a hard concern as it depends on how you select to navigate and how many of the temples you want to see.

It is possible to see rather a great deal of the Angkor complex in a single day, consisting of the best-known highlights.

But two days is even better since you can vary how you get around, endeavour to enhance out temples, or take things simple.

Unless you plan to see a few of Siem Reap’s other nearby attractions like Tonle Sap Lake or check off every temple, then three days is most likely unnecessary.

Most temples are open daily from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm, so you can do a lot of sightseeing in a single day.

The exceptions to these hours are Srah Srang, and Angkor Wat that open at 5.30 am for sunrise, and Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup, which are open from 5 am to 7 pm for sunrise and sunset. The ticketing workplace, however, is open from 4.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Travel Smart for Your Luxury Tour

As a tropical Southeast Asian destination, Angkor Wat does not have four seasons but rather a pattern of dry and wet seasons.

That being said, the temperature level does vary throughout the area, going from enjoyable and mild to hot and damp.

Finally, the best time to visit Angkor is between November and March, when it is both cool and dry. Naturally, this is also peak season for tourism in Angkor Wat and Siem Reap. Angkor Wat Tour prices will be high, so plan accordingly.

Besides those months, you may have to deal with heat, monsoon rains, or both.

Angkor is at its hottest from April to June, and sightseeing in the early afternoon can be draining pipes, particularly by bike.

The heavy rains from May through October shift from sudden downpours to more consistent rain as the months go on, which is likewise not the best conditions for sightseeing, specifically on minor dirt roads.

Coming out of peak season has its advantages, from fewer tourists at the temples to more affordable room rates in Siem Reap.

7 Ways to Enjoy Angkor Wat Tour You Will Not Read Anywhere Else

Invest more than one day at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat offers 3 sorts of tickets: one day, three days, and one week.

While you absolutely can squeeze your Angkor Wat experience into a single day, that will leave you time to see just the most popular sites – which are likewise the most crowded sites.

Pace yourself when visiting Angkor Wat

Visiting these famous Cambodian temples is a very physical experience: great deals of strolling, great deals of climbing, and usually great deals of the hot sun beating down on you.

Don’t rush – be sure to take breaks in shady corners, drink lots of water, and don’t pretend like you need to see everything.

It is far better to see a handful of temples completely than to rush around and exhaust yourself glancing at numerous.

Don’t erase the Angkor Wat sunrise experience from your schedule

There is a reason for this! It is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, this is Angkor Wat, so anything popular and lovely will be overcrowded.

Just go with it! It’ll be worth your valuable time.

Invest more time at the lesser-known Angkor Wat temples

At some temples, such as Angkor Wat itself or Ta Prohm (aka the Tomb Raider temple, where part of the motion picture was shot), the crowds are outrageous.

At a few of the other, just as beautiful places, though?

Some of the tourists have actually discovered it as a private spot!

They were more pleasant to check out!

Take note of the details

The big pictures of the temples are lovely; however, the majesty remains in the details: the large variety of carvings is remarkable, as is how the trees are trying to recover much of the temples and the resistant nature of the temple’s structured underneath.

Make sure to put in the time to appreciate the little things – that’s where the magic of Angkor Wat is.

Visit with respect to the Angkor Wat dress code

The weather may be sticky and hot, but Angkor Wat is still a spiritual site at the end of the day, so dress appropriately!

When touring Angkor Wat, long pants (over the knee) and shirts covering your shoulders are thought about proper.

So if you have not currently picked up some hareem pants in Southeast Asia, now is a good time to do so!

Don’t feed the monkeys

It is bad for them, and as much as people absolutely loved seeing the monkeys at Angkor Wat, they can get aggressive and have actually been known to take things as cheap as bananas and as expensive as cameras.

Key Takeaways

Cambodia was the habitat of the powerful Khmer kingdom, and the country still dazzles visitors with its timeless architectural treasures.

Possibly none is quite as grand as Angkor Wat; the sprawling complex considered the heart of Cambodia.

On the other hand, the country’s soul is very much alive in the gracious smile of a saffron-robed monk or the friendly hospitality of villagers living along the Mekong River.

Interested in a Cambodia luxury tour? Check out more about Angkor Wat with us!

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