Tourism is reviving in Banteay Meanchey

Tourism is reviving in Banteay Meanchey
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Domestic tourists are beginning to visit provinces in the country as the country recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

The Department of Tourism in Banteay Meanchey reported an increase in the province’s tourist population. The relaxation of restrictions on resorts and other hospitality businesses is credited with the increase in tourists. Tourism has started to recover, according to officials.

On November 8, a source from the Banteay Chhmar Tourism office in Thmar Puok told local news that since November 1, the number of domestic tourists has increased, and a number of international tourists have also arrived. The majority of visitors stayed at resorts in the Banteay Chhmar region.

According to a member of the Ang Cheung Krus tourism community, a large number of tourists were recorded in the area on November 6. Tourists mostly came for boating and sightseeing, trekking in the area of the Danger Mountain Range.

The number of tourists visiting the province is expected to increase as the country opens up. Many of the area’s tourist attractions are also undergoing renovations.

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