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Entry without a quarantine C-19 restrictions are lifted for fully vaccinated arrivals.
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C-19 restrictions are lifted for fully vaccinated arrivals!

As Cambodia moves toward a post-Covid revival under a new normal, Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced that fully-vaccinated Cambodians and foreigners entering the country via air, sea, or land will no longer be required to quarantine if they test negative upon arrival.

Mr Hun Sen stated in an audio message posted on his Facebook page yesterday that the move is intended to facilitate the country’s reopening to investors and tourists and allow Cambodians living abroad to return home.

Those who have not been fully immunized, on the other hand, will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine period.

“Because our country is fully vaccinated, it covers nearly 88 percent of our 16 million-person population, there is no need for quarantine,” Mr Hun Sen said.

He stated that in order to facilitate the arrival of foreign and Cambodian visitors, those who have been fully vaccinated will only be required to undergo rapid tests and will be allowed to leave for any part of the country if they are Covid-19-free.

“As a result, there is no need to wait for the results of the Covid-19 testing at home or elsewhere.” “Foreign and Cambodian arrivals can only wait for the results of the tests at the entry points for 15 or 20 minutes before departing to their destination,” Mr Hun Sen said.

Other countries have already implemented quarantine-free entry

Other countries have already implemented quarantine-free entry

The Prime Minister directed the relevant authorities to ensure that inbound air passengers who are currently quarantined are allowed to depart today if their tests come back negative.

He also directed that the relevant ministries and authorities begin working immediately on a decision to allow quarantine-free travel into the Kingdom by air, sea, and land.

Mr. Hun Sen mentioned that some other countries have already implemented quarantine-free entry.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng told Khmer Times yesterday that he was very supportive of the government’s decision, which was based on the Cambodian economy’s recovery, particularly the country’s return to normalcy.

“We will begin putting the government’s policies and decisions into effect tomorrow.” I will coordinate with relevant ministry officials to check on any foreigners who do not have Covid-19 and are being quarantined in hotels or at their homes. “We will allow them to travel freely in the capital or anywhere they wish,” Sreng said.

According to Top Sopheak, a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, the exemption from quarantine is a new development in Cambodia’s situation in relation to Covid-19.

He added that the government’s decision is good news for Cambodians and foreign tourists who want to visit Cambodia, noting that what is important is to follow the new normal path of life and that visitors must comply with health’ measures.

“We will collaborate with the relevant ministries, particularly the authorities in all provinces, to improve the quality of tourism products and services so that we can welcome visitors safely and confidently,” he said.

Travelers entering Cambodia must have a medical certificate showing a negative result from RT-PCR tests issued 72 hours before departure, as is required in other countries.

It is understood that relevant officials will meet today to discuss whether the $2,000 deposit and $50,000 medical insurance requirements will remain in place.

Source: https://bit.ly/3ca9JiK

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