Stung Treng is preparing an Irrawaddy dolphin exhibition

Stung Treng is preparing an Irrawaddy dolphin exhibition
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Local officials and community members in Stung Treng province have prepared an Irrawaddy dolphin skeleton for public exhibition in Ochheuteal Dolphin Canyon in Borei O’Svay Sen Chey district’s Preah Romkel commune.

In June, a female dolphin weighing 180kg and measuring 230cm perished. The animal was 25 to 30 years old, a typical lifespan for the species, and its death was thought to be caused by ageing.

According to Sorn Panh, chief of Anlong Svay village in Preah Rumkel commune and commander of the river guard, the Irrawaddy dolphin is now a rare species. There were previously numerous dolphins in the Ochheuteal Canyon, but there is now only one 20-year-old dolphin left after the other two perished earlier this year.

Irrawaddy dolphin is now a rare species

“Regardless of the presentation, there will be some items on show for people who choose to come. He added – We also have photographs to put in the cabinet with the skeleton. One of the dolphins that perished was utilized to prepare the bones for the show. In addition, we will construct glass cases for the exhibition, and we are seeking funds to assist us in finishing this job as soon as possible”.

According to Sorn Panh

According to Panh, the Ochheuteal Dolphin Canyon has a high potential for viewing Irrawaddy dolphins with the assistance of a tourist guide service.

Panh stated that local governments and communities created this exhibit by soliciting donor assistance and creating awareness among appropriate organizations to help promote this project.

The other Irrawaddy dolphin carcass has been held at the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF Cambodia) awaiting an autopsy, according to Srey Sam Vichet, acting head of the province Fisheries Administration.

The Fisheries Administration and WWF Cambodia have left the dolphin skeleton at Ochheuteal Dolphin Canyon at the requirement of local authorities and communities in order for the communities and local authorities to use to attract tourists and provide information for future generations visiting this location.

The provincial Departments of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, as well as the Fisheries Administration, plan to meet with district officials, local communities, and the Department of Tourism to discuss the development of dolphin exhibits and the preparation of the canyon as a dolphin viewing area.

“We may require an expert from WWF Cambodia at the request of the government, the community, or the tourist department to serve as specialists in restoring the dolphin bone to its original condition.”

He added.

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