Cambodia’s population of rare vultures is dwindling

Cambodia’s population of rare vultures is dwindling
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A conservationist warned on Tuesday that critically endangered vultures in Cambodia are still on the verge of extinction as the species' population continues to dwindle.

"A total count of 121 vultures was reported during a June census this year, a little decrease from 129 during a June census last year."

121 Vultures birds still in Cambodia

121 Vultures birds still in Cambodia

He stated the current 121 birds comprise 20 Red-headed vultures, 66 White-rumped vultures, and 35 Slender-billed vultures, and that the decline is due to human pollution, habitat degradation, and poaching, among other things. 

The latest vulture population was released after the Cambodia Vulture Working Group conducted a national vulture census on June 20 at four vulture restaurants in Stung Treng province: Siem Pang Wildlife Sanctuary, Chheb Wildlife Sanctuary, Preah Vihear Province, Sambo Wildlife Sanctuary, Kratie Province, and Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri Province. 

121 Vultures birds still in Cambodia 1

Cambodia is home to three vulture species

Cambodia is home to three vulture species: the Red-headed (Sarcogyps calvus), the White-rumped (Gyps bengalensis), and the Slender-billed (Gyps bengalensis) (Gyps tenuirostris). All are classified as severely endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

Vultures, as nature’s “clean-up crew,” serve an essential role in preserving the ecosystem by stripping the corpses of deceased animals, which helps prevent disease transmission, according to Vorsak. 

He said: in an effort to conserve this highly endangered species, the environmentalist organization has fed the birds dead domestic cattle on a regular basis and consistently safeguarded their nests and habitats.

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