Dara Sakor International Airport open for testing.

Dara Sakor International Airport in Koh Kong will be open for testing later this year.
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Dara Sakor International Airport in Koh Kong will be completed in the coming month, with a test run scheduled for the end of the year.

China’s Tianjin Union Development Group (UDG) is investing $350 million in the Dara Sakor International Airport.

Long-haul aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A340 are said to be able to land at the airport.

The airport is located in Botum Sakor District on a sprawling tract of land covering 4.5 hectares. Dara Sakor Resort’s multibillion-dollar Chinese growth plan includes the construction of this structure.

Mao Havannal, Minister of Civil Aviation, announced on September 21 during a visit by representatives of the Dara Sakor International Airport Construction Company.

During the conference, officials of the development company stated that plans are being made for the airport’s construction to be completed in October.

They also claimed that preparations are being made for the beginning of airport operational testing on December 30.

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