Cathay Pacific resumes flights Phnom Penh to/back Hong Kong on July 30 2021

Cathay Pacific resumes flights Phnom Penh toback Hong Kong on July 30 2021
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Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., Hong Kong’s flagship carrier and one of the world’s major airlines, will conduct three incoming and outgoing flights between Phnom Penh and the former British dependent colony on July 30, August 13, and August 27.

According to the Cathay Pacific’s country manager for Cambodia, Hamish Snow, the pandemic proved to be the most fractious period in the industry’s history. Now that domestic travel – at least in the United States – has returned to near pre-pandemic levels, long-haul flights remain highly dependent on international vaccination efforts and synchronous travel bans being lifted.

According to Khmer Times

"Covid-19 has influenced the aviation industry harshly, cutting out all but primary travel. Yet, we know that people want to fly again, see the world and visit friends and relatives,"

He added, "In many parts of the world, domestic travel is less restricted. Cathay Pacific is based out of Hong Kong and consequently relies on international travel."

Cathay Pacific flights will return to Phnom Penh

Cathay Pacific flights will return to Phnom Penh

Cathay Pacific flights will return to Phnom Penh for the first time under the company’s banner. Prior to being acquired in March 2020, Cathay Dragon, the company’s regional carrier, served Cambodia.

The three flights come after foreign airlines missed out on consecutive peak travel times, as well as kids returning to school from overseas.
Snow stated that the flights are evidence of “Cathay Pacific investing in the Cambodian market” but emphasized that customer demand and travel limitations would be key considerations in the company’s future flight schedule.

Cathay Pacific secured $650 million in its first bond issue in 25 years in May, but the airline, like many others, has survived the epidemic by relying on cargo transportation.

International Air Transport Association data

International Air Transport Association data

According to up-to-date International Air Transport Association data, air freight increased by 9.4 per cent in 2019. According to the firm, Cathay Pacific Cargo accounts for around 25% of its yearly revenue.

The company is turning two more Boeing 777 passenger planes into freight liners by eliminating seats from their Economy Class cabins, bringing the Pacific airline’s cargo fleet to six planes.

Cargo may provide financial benefits in addition to transporting products to buyers. As of April, the airline has delivered more than 15 million vaccine doses throughout the world and free personal protection and other medical equipment to Southeast Asia, Mexico, and India.

Snow stated that the programs are both a humanitarian gesture and a financial venture for Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific, operating as Cathay Dragon, made its maiden landing in Cambodia on February 1, 1993, and was one of the first airlines to operate from and to Cambodia.

"Seeing the resumption of services between Hong Kong and Phnom Penh raises our morale in these tough circumstances and may augur well for increased traffic at the airport by the end of the year,"

Cathay Pacific resumes flights Phnom Penh toback Hong Kong on July 30 2021 second photo

Before leaving the nation, passengers travelling out of Phnom Penh must have a negative Covid-19 test. Everyone travelling through Hong Kong is required to leave within 24 hours of their arrival. Cambodia is now designated as a “High-Risk Place” under “Group B.”

Travellers visiting Hong Kong who are not or just partially vaccinated must spend 21 nights in quarantine under the travel restrictions.

Individuals who have received all of their vaccinations will be quarantined for 14 nights. Individuals who have been completely vaccinated and have
evidence of antibodies from a recognized laboratory in Hong Kong only needs to spend seven nights in quarantine.

Those travelling straight to the territory must undertake obligatory Covid-19 testing before passing immigration and must be Hong Kong citizens or possess student or employment permits.

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