Cambodia Adventure Tourism Anticipates a Surge in Tourists

Cambodia Adventure Tourism Anticipates a Surge in Tourists
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The Ministry of Tourism has urged adventure tourism operators to prepare for an expected a surge of visitors by preparing thorough, simple safety briefings to be provided before the commencement of any excursion.

According to the government, Domestic travel to ecotourism areas and community-based and adventure tourist destinations, have increased significantly, despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the report, increased travel has directly produced revenue for individuals in these communities and enhanced resilience in the sub-sectors throughout the health crisis, providing a solid pillar of support for the Cambodian tourist industry.

The ministry also encouraged travellers and local site managers to follow the adventure tourism guidelines it established in 2015 to better protect the safety and security of visitors at all destinations.

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"Site managers must monitor and advise tourists to follow the rules and prohibitions established in each area, as well as aspire to carry out tourism safety measures as effectively as possible to prevent the spread of infections and take special care to fulfil the 'three protections and three don'ts' guidelines."

The major adventure tourism regions in Cambodia

The ministry emphasized the need for appropriate-sized toilet facilities that preserve the beauty of nature while limiting the impact on the environment and tourist experiences.

It also urged travellers to care for the environment, preserve natural reserves, and support ecological sustainability.

Hong Vantheth, founder of 12GoAdventure – a play on words meaning “want to go adventure” – said his company has always followed the ministry’s rules when organizing ecological adventure excursions.

Cambodians appear to be more interested in experience tourism than in community-based ecotourism. He says that his company only accepts participants who have been properly vaccinated.

12GoAdventure is a community-based ecotourism organization that claims to promote local tourism in Cambodia’s rural areas.

Siem Reap Wildlife & Adventure

The major adventure tourism regions in Cambodia

In light of Covid, the ministry stated that the major adventure tourism regions had seen a significant increase in domestic tourists in 2020-2021. It named the Khnong Phsar Mountain, Phnom Oral Wildlife Sanctuary, Kirirom National Park, Chi Phat commune, Areng Valley, Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, Samlot Protected Area, Sre Ambel area, Veal Thom Grasslands, Sea Forest (Samoth Chheu), Phnom Kulen National Park, Tonle Sap Lake, Phnom Tbeng Natural Heritage Park, and the Ream Sar wetlands onward the upper Mekong River in Stung Treng territory as models.

It said that adventure tourism criteria are divided into seven important areas: hiking route quality, tourist information, infrastructural developments, safety and security, service offering, management, and social and environmental benefits.

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According to the World Tourism Organization, ecotourism and adventure tourism – including rural tourism – are tourism sub-sectors that have remained active and operational even throughout the Covid-19 crisis, acting as useful tools to prop up domestic tourism and support local development.

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