Cambodia soon fully reopening borders for tourism

Cambodia soon fully reopening boarders for tourism
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Prime Minister: The full reopening of the country will be decided in two weeks

Prime Minister Hun Sen has declared that if the Covid-19 situation remains stable for 15 consecutive days after the end of the October 5-7 Pchum Ben public holiday, Cambodia will reopen fully, albeit in the context of Covid-19, in which people must adjust their lives to the new normal. During a meeting of the Council of Ministers on October 8, he stated that the situation surrounding Covid-19 is stable, with less than 20 deaths recorded on average per day.

"If the situation remains stable in the next 10 to 15 days, if we can maintain current transmission and death rates, I believe it is time to reopen the economy and society in all sectors, but in the new normal, by adhering to the three dos and three don'ts."

Cambodia Royal Palace panorama

Hun Sen pointed out that half of the people who died recently from Covid-19 had not been immunized against the disease. Those who refused to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, he claimed, were obstinate members of the opposition.

"Previously, two-thirds of those who died had not been vaccinated because vaccines did not reach them." "However, I discovered yesterday that ten people had died, five of whom had been vaccinated, and the other five had not."

The Ministry of Health reported 203 cases of Covid-19 transmission and 18 deaths on October 8.

Sky Angkor Airline ready to restart international travel

Sky Angkor Airline ready to restart international travel

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