The earliest date for overseas tourists to Cambodia is November 2021

November 2021 is the earliest date that international visitors will be permitted enter Cambodia
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November 2021 is the earliest date that international visitors will be permitted enter Cambodia

Fully vaccinated international tourists with proof of their inoculation could be allowed into Cambodia as soon as November 2021. The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism says.

With Phnom Penh becoming the most vaccinated city in Southeast Asia, the Ministry of Tourism and other related subcommittees are working to develop a workable plan within Cambodia’s tourism and investment sectors to work toward reopening borders to fully vaccinated international travellers by November of this year.

The Cambodian tourism ministry has stated that fully vaccinated overseas visitors with evidence of immunization might be permitted into Cambodia as early as November 2021. To make travel more accessible, Cambodia is contemplating reducing or eliminating the 14-day quarantine regime for fully vaccinated visitors, requiring confirmation of a negative COVID test 72 hours before the flight and added negative COVID test in arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport.

Cambodia is now the second most vaccinated country in Southeast Asia

Just behind Singapore: the Kingdom has already immunized more than 70% of its 16.5 million inhabitants, with citizens in the capital Phnom Penh completely vaccinated and getting third booster doses.

The government expects to achieve herd immunity with 75 per cent of its people twice vaccinated by the end of September this year. In addition, beginning in August, the Cambodian government began vaccinating children above the age of 12.

Cambodia restricted its borders to visitors in April 2020 in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Last year, the country had zero deaths and less than 400 cases, the vast majority of which were imported and discovered at the border.

However, in February of this year, coronavirus began spreading across the country, prompting a two-month statewide lockdown. Cambodia was released from lockdown in June, and attempts to vaccinate the populace have continued since then through mass immunization initiatives.

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