Phuket Sandbox shows an impressive marking

Phuket Sandbox shows an impressive marking
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The Phuket Sandbox program has shown promising results in its first 15 days

With an estimated 18,000 visitors expected by the end of the month. July 2021.

According to Phuket deputy governor Piyapong Chuwong, the scheme is an example of a successful collaboration between the government, the private sector, and residents.

"The arrival of tourists has provided us with hope. I believe we are on the correct track. The ability of public health officials to contain the outbreak is the most important factor. It is also important to have support from local residents and Thais all over the country."

So far, he said, efforts to protect local residents’ health and promote economic recovery through the scheme have been well-balanced.

"We are excited to reopen fully. Phuket is now relatively safe, with only a few cases of infection. In addition, vaccination has resulted in the development of herd immunity.''

If the sandbox scheme is successful, it will be expanded to other provinces, which will aid in economic recovery, according to Piyapong.

The first 15 days of the sandbox scheme, according to Phumkit Raktaengam, president of the Phuket Tourist Association, were spent testing various systems.

Phumkit reports that foreign traveller bookings have grown, with nearly 18,000 foreign arrivals expected by the end of this month, surpassing the original target of between 13,000 and 15,000, despite precautionary measures being strictly pursued by business operators.

“Hotels with Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Plus hygiene standards certifications are actively working to meet health requirements,” he explained.

However, the president of the Phuket Tourist Association stated that the sandbox scheme still requires further evaluation.

"We are still unable to conclude that the sandbox scheme is perfect. We have established a 90-day assessment framework. The first 15 days have just passed. There are still areas where we can increase our communication skills and efficiency. We must overcome obstacles along the way,"

Teething issues arose during the first 15 days, as some residents initially feared that foreign visitors would bring the virus with them.

However, local fear has subsided as the sandbox scheme has shown promising results, he said.

Between July 1 and 14, a total of 5,473 foreign tourists visited Phuket.

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